Privacy Policy

Jaco Lodge takes its guests personal information very seriously and complies with data security standards. In this section, we aim to inform you how and when your personal data and travel/stay information will be collected and the purposes for which they will be used.

Personal data and travel/stay information: All personal data and travel/stay information, provided by OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies), Cloudbeds / Myallocator Property Management System and that is collected directly by our establishment through any communication channel (email, whatsapp, personally etc.), is securely stored in servers​. Your personal data and travel/stay information will be held in our records for a maximum of 10 years​. After this period, it will be permanently deleted.

Use of Credit/Debit Card: Credit/Debit card details are also collected and securely stored in our Property management system and/or manually as a guarantee of your booking and for No-show, damage or guest hotel services purposes only and will be deleted after 1 year from the guest’s check-out date.

Our employees do not have, in any way and under no circumstances, access to your credit and/or debit card information. In the events described above only reservations authorized personal can process the charges.

The type of personal data that we collect:

At the time of booking: Basic Personal Information (full name and nationality), Contact details (email, telephone), estimated time of arrival (ETA), Check-in and Check-Out dates and any other relevant data that is given to us either by the OTA or by you, your credit/debit card number (in case they were given) for booking guarantee purposes and information about your preferences and requests.


At the time of check in: First name, last name, Passport number + Physical Passport of which a copy could be saved, email, telephone number, nationality, sex (male/female/other), age, occupation, travel Information (At the time of Check-in), previous destination, next destination, your arrival and departure dates, your questions/comments, during or following your stay and information about your preferences and requests.

During your stay: Images from our security cameras and information about your preferences and requests.


Personal data may be collected for the following purposes: Booking a bed/ room, booking tours and/or other activities, checking-in and paying, eating/drinking products sold by the hotel during your stay, requests and complaints, participation in marketing campaigns, participation in guest satisfaction surveys, guarantee quality of stay to our guests and improvement of our services and statistical analysis/purposes.


Your personal data may be shared with the following: Tour operators, travel agencies and others (first name, nationality and room number) for tour booking purposes only, medical or legal service providers, WhosYourGuest, a virtual platform that groups hotels and other lodging service providers around the world. Members of this platform have agreed to maintain a database of information about guests in order to ensure the best conditions of security, tranquility and respect for our customers. We may share your personal and stay information with other WhosYourGuest members. For more information, visit www.whosyourguest.com or request a copy of their Privacy Policy at our reception.


Your personal information, at the time of booking and during your stay, can be accessed by the reception and reservations staff only for the purposes of their job and responsibilities.

Note that your name and/or contact information will never be disclosed to other guests or other third parties, except those mentioned above, without your previous consent and/or authorization, either via email, phone or personally.


The Jaco Lodge team keeps a database of photos and videos of the property and guests’ daily activities taking place within the premises and/or during tours. Most of them are shared on Social Media and our website. In addition, they may also be shared with our allied third parties in cases explained above that include legal, statistical and other objectives of each of those third parties. If you would like any of them to be removed, feel free to contact us.


If you have any questions regarding our Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at reservaciones@jacolodge.com